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Look for the PureMax seal on your Omega 3 product pack for confidence that the supplements you are buying represent the core brand values below.End Quote

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The Values of PureMax™

PureMax is a seal of quality, which guarantees confidence in your nutritional purchase. Click on the values below to learn more about the core beliefs that the PureMax brand represents.

Responsible Sourcing and Supply

Whether you’re tucking into a tuna sandwich or taking an Omega 3 supplement, it’s important to know that the fish you consume has been caught responsibly. Whenever you see the PureMax seal on a supplement pack, you can rest assured that the fish oil within has been responsibly sourced and supplied.

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Safety Profile

Concerns regarding the levels of contaminants and pollutants that fish may contain have grown significantly over recent years. Such worries can become even more alarming during pregnancy when you’re advised to avoid or limit consumption of certain types of fish due to potentially increased levels of mercury and other contaminants.

All PureMax products contain fish oil of exceptional purity standards. PureMax contains only high quality food grade fish oil which are manufactured using industry-leading standards to reduce a wide variety of contaminants including oxidative impurities, dioxins, PCBs and heavy metals.

And for added reassurance, many PureMax fish oils are also independently reviewed by the third party testing and accreditation program, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards).

For more information, visit the IFOS website

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High Purity

Purity has always been at the heart of the PureMax brand. PureMax fish oils undergo multiple manufacturing stages to ensure that the levels of pollutants and contaminants within the oil are reduced, leaving some of the purest, safest and most potent Omega 3 concentrates available on the market. All PureMax oils are also fully tested before they reach the consumer, allowing you to feel assured that you are receiving the highest quality Omega 3.
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High Potency

The industry-leading manufacturing process used to produce PureMax oils ensures that only the highest quality, concentrated Omega 3 reaches your shopping basket. Many products on the market contain standard fish oils, these are based on cod liver or ‘18/12’ oils. 18/12 oils are sourced from blended fish body oils and are given their name owing to their EPA/DHA ratio of 18% and 12% that they contain.

All PureMax products are at least double the strength of standard 18/12 oils. Whilst minimising impurities, PureMax also selectively concentrates the important EPA and/or DHA fatty acids to provide a high potency source of Omega 3. This enables you to enjoy the benefits of Omega 3 in a convenient ‘one a day’ supplement.
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Scientifically Proven

The benefits of Omega 3 are becoming increasingly well known, with over 20,000 scientific studies published to date. Visit the ‘Health Benefits’ page to learn more about how taking Omega 3 supplements can benefit the health of your family.

The efficacy and safety of all PureMax EPA and DHA concentrates has been extensively demonstrated in human clinical trials.Studies have been conducted across universities and research centres globally and cover a broad spectrum of conditions from heart disease to maternal nutrition. For more information on trials that have been conducted in areas of interest to you, please contact us using the ‘Get in touch’ button at the bottom of the page.
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There’s nothing more off-putting than taking an Omega 3 supplement which leaves you with fishy burps! PureMax fish oils undergo multiple purification stages to produce concentrated Omega 3 which provides you with all the goodness of fish but without the taste and smell.
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Quality Guaranteed

All PureMax oils are supported by rigorous quality systems so you can be certain that, wherever you see the PureMax seal, the Omega 3 oil within your supplement is of consistent high quality.

And don’t just take our word for it, PureMax oils are independently approved by the third party testing and accreditation program, IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards).

For more information, visit the IFOS website

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